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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

We're Here to Help Our team at SERVPRO of Greater Broken Arrow has the equipment and cleaning chemicals to properly and safely clean your carpets. This business... READ MORE

Quick to Respond

One thing that helps the SERVPRO of Greater Broken Arrow team to get to emergency water damage calls quickly is that we live in various communities all over the... READ MORE

Ready for what happens

Take nothing for granted. Be ready as best you can for every opportunity. Good advice. Both those can apply to the team at SERVPRO of Greater Broken Arrow. Our ... READ MORE

Whatever it takes

Every situation where water has invaded a home or business is unique and presents opportunities to be flexible and creative to eliminate the unwanted water in t... READ MORE

Aiming for minimal disruption

When a water damage invades areas of the home with wood flooring, a series of events need to e addressed. Wood flooring and laminate flooring usually have a vap... READ MORE

Detail oriented care in Broken Arrow

Not judging a book by its cover can also apply to wallpaper. When this Broken Arrow home became affected by a water intrusion, the wallpaper was hiding a layer ... READ MORE

Technology to assist in drying wet walls

This wall in Broken Arrow became affected by water from a source above the first floor. The rest of the affected areas were drying efficiently. Yet, this one sp... READ MORE

Step by step

Discovering water standing in your home or business is an unforgettable, foreboding experience. While nobody ever wants to subject their life to this crisis, Th... READ MORE

One plus two equals...

Discovering mold under a sink is not a contagious situation, but it is a fairly common occurrence. The right ingredients are there to create a mold-friendly env... READ MORE

Undercover agents

Under the sink can be a scary place. I don't think we will be seeing any horror movies based on what creepy things lurk under the kitchen sink, but it can be an... READ MORE