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5 Things Commercial Owners Should Know About Mold

3/9/2022 (Permalink)

Mold growing on a wall If you suspect mold, give SERVPRO of Greater Broken Arrow a call! We are trained and ready to help!

5 Mold Facts Commercial Property Owners Should Be Aware Of

Commercial property owners in Broken Arrow, OK, have a great deal of responsibility on their plates. They must understand not only how to run an operation but keep it safe and viable for business. That task entails working to ensure that the place is free of hazards such as black mold. What are those pesky microbes, and why should proprietors care about their growth? The following are five things owners should know to remain free of contamination.

1. Fungus is everywhere

Mold isn't something owners can keep off of the property. Thousands of species thrive in nature, moving about easily. The wind picks them up, carrying them to different locations and blowing into buildings through doors, windows and vents. The pests cling to shoes and clothes. Customers and employees then drag them into the store without even knowing. Understand that mold, therefore, is around your establishment. It is in your structure.

2. Moisture Is the Problem

Owners won't deal with mold cleanup unless they have a water concern. The dampness triggers the mold to reproduce, eating away at organic products. Without the wetness, the spores are harmless.

3. It Infests Rapidly

Once moisture activates black mold, it spreads within one to two days. It's hard to stop once it begins, moving within walls and flooring with ease.

4. Focus on Drying Efforts

Because the water encourages multiplication, concentrate on fixing leaks and dampness as soon as possible. A water remediation company can investigate the moisture problem, determining the extent of harm. They can section off the area and assist in removing excess humidity. Their services focus on running industrial dehumidifiers to extract wetness from the air and structure.

5. Tear Outs Are Necessary

Saturated, porous materials harbor fungal spores. They penetrate deep within the objects, permitting them to live in hard-to-clean areas. To ultimately reduce the count, remove the soaked sections.
Commercial buildings probably have black mold. Its presence is grounds for concern when water damage spawns their growth. For this reason, be vigilant about keeping the place dry and repairing plumbing trouble.

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