Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Removed hardwood floor to reveal mold damage underneath

Removing the Hardwood

Discovering Mold

When too much moisture is trapped underneath your hardwood floors, sometimes mold can develop. Our team at SERVPRO of Greater Broken Arrow discovered mold in this home. 

Behind every good appliance...?

Discovering an area of suspected mold behind an appliance, such as a washing machine, or a refrigerator is a very common occurrence. The set up is right for mold growth- humidity, food (such as dry wall or wood) and mild or warm temperatures.

Often times, the discovery of mold is a relatively minor event- just a few small spots, in a bathing area, that can be quickly cleaned or removed.

When a more involved area of suspected mold is discovered in your home or business, properly removing the mold in a safe manner, and minimizing the risk of spreading the spores to other areas is important.

If you suspect mold, give SERVPRO of Greater Broken Arrow a call! We are trained and ready to help!

Not what we were looking for

Often while helping a client with a fire or water damage, a discovery of mold is made. 

This time, while removing the baseboards in order to access the wall cavity to facilitate drying the saturated wall, behind several of the baseboards, suspected mold was discovered. Steps were taken to safely deal with the mold and move efficiently forward with the water mitigation.

SERVPRO of Greater Broken Arrow is trained and ready to mitigate your crises- water, fire, smoke, vandalism, etc. 

Mold contamination in Broken Arrow, OK

While the occupant was away for an extended time from their Grand Lake home, unexpected moisture accelerated the mold in this home. Fortunately, They called SERVPRO of Greater Broken Arrow. Extensive remediation was necessary to make the home habitable again.

Mold can result from unseen water

There are areas of your home that you do not observe on a daily basis- water heater closets, behind washer or dryer or dishwasher, under sinks, etc. If an unseen leak continues, the moisture can develop mold. When a water intrusion occurs, please call a trained professional who can identify the extent of affected areas and how to best proceed to get your environment back to a safe level.

Who do I call to deal with mold in Broken Arrow? SERVPRO !

Mold inside the home is never a welcome finding. But it does not mean you are defeated, helpless or alone. Trained SERVPRO of Greater Broken Arrow technicians were able to mitigate this mold without spreading the mold spores further into the home environment.

Wall next to a fridge covered in mold spots.

Mold in Kitchen

How do I get mold out of my kitchen in Tulsa?

Mold is practically everywhere. It is natural, but it becomes a major problem when left unchecked in an indoor environment. Mold can cause health effects to humans and animals.

SERVPRO of Greater Broken Arrow has helped many of our neighbors mitigate, remediate and restore so life can get back to normal.