What our Customers say...


Owners were professional and honest. We would definitely recommend them.

David with SERVPRO came out to my house. Spent time explaining everything, was open and honest and made me feel like a human not just a sale. I will be recommending SERVPRO of Greater Broken Arrow to everyone I come in contact with. Thank you for your honestly and your time!

Such great service! They really helped make this entire process so much easier than I anticipated. Jonathan was great and answered any and all questions I had. Thank you for all the hard work!

Great company with great values and integrity!

They were respectful and trustworthy taking care of our home. Everything is so nice now. Appreciate the job they did.

I called every number I could find, even other SERVPROs for help with damage from this storm. Thank you for taking care of me!

Thank you, sir. You have gone above and beyond!

We are so happy with everything you and your team are doing! Everyone with the SERVPRO team is fantastic! Jonathan especially has been so polite!

I'm very happy with SERVPRO! I couldn't be happier with your work. I am glad your whole company cares about me. I appreciate your prompt service and professionalism. You all have been very attentive to each of my questions and concerns. Everyone should be as efficient as SERVPRO! Thank you!

You did a great job! That Carlton is a treasure! He was doing a great job training Kayla, too. In conversation, they let me know that they have great respect for the boss. That says a lot. Thanks, SERVPRO!

We are very pleased with your work. We will call you again. Thank you.

You all did a great job cleaning. I am a happy customer.

We are very happy with the work performed by SERVPRO of Greater Broken Arrow. 

You are doing a great job. I appreciate seeing all the pictures and knowing exactly how things are going.

You got us up and running quickly. Thank you. We are very pleased with your efficiency and professionalism.

Thank you SERVPRO! I am very happy with your quality work!

Great job! THANK YOU!

We are very pleased with your work!

Thank you! We are very pleased with your work!

Your service has been the best I've ever had... for ANYTHING!

We appreciate the genuine concern and the information and knowledge of everyone during our drain back up. We are happy that you are helping us!

We are incredibly happy with your service, during each step of this process. We are telling our agent to be sure and recommend you to anyone who has water or mold problems! You are one of the most polite and professional companies we have ever worked with. Thank you!

You guys did great! It was like a SWAT team coming in and dealing with all the water and everything!

We are completely satisfied! We appreciate all the hard work from start to finish!

It all looks great! We're incredibly happy with all you have done!

You have been quick, responsive and thorough. Thank you for your hard work!

We are so pleased with your work! Thank you!

Thank you for all the conscientious hard work. You have all done a great job!

Thank you for a great job!

Thank you for getting to my business quickly! Great job!

Thank you for the help your SERVPRO team has been giving. I appreciate all your kindness and help! I am looking forward to getting back into my apartment soon!

SERVPRO, Thank you for getting our home here looking so much better. My dog and I appreciate your hard work!

Thank you so much. You all have been so kind while helping us. We appreciate each one of you!

Very responsive and efficient! Glad my home is back to normal!

Great service! Thank you very much!

Your team was here fast and took care of the storm damage quickly. Thank you!

Thank you! Great work! Very polite and responsible!

They got here quick. The place was a mess, but they knew what to do to get things going, even with no power!

Very helpful, especially in dealing with the insurance company and thoroughly checking all things damaged due to the water leak.

Please let someone know your three gentlemen were fantastic, so polite and can't say enough!

May God bless each and every one of you for your kindness and understanding to each one of us for the tragedy we have endured. You all have helped us see the gracious and helpful young folks you have shared with us. Love to each and every one of you!

Thank you to the great team who work so hard to make our homes back to where we can live in them again! You are the best!

Thank you for all the help from your team. You were here quickly! All the kindness and help was appreciated!

Thank you for fixing our mess!

Great people, kind and quick! Thank you very much for your hard work!

Your'e a great crew! Thank you very much for your hard work!

SERVPRO gentlemen and ladies, thank you for all the hard work. Your professionalism and conscientiousness of taking good care of my apartment and my kitties was appreciated. Thank you for helping to get us put back together!

SERVPRO, you are so appreciated! Your professionalism and kindness are the best!

Great job during an unpleasant situation. You were all very kind. Thank you!


Where does one begin to say thank you for all you have done for us at (retirement community)?? You all came in here on a dead run and haven't stopped since. Each and every one of you are truly PROFESSIONAL! You are all kind and respectful to everyone here. God's love shines on each of you!! Each of you always says, "No problem." You have joined in on our facility jokes. God bless you all!

Great job!!

Everything (including the rebuild) looks really nice! Thank you!

You guys are amazing! I love you guys! If I had used one of your competitors like my mom did, it would not be anything like this. Thank you! You guys are great!

I appreciate all the work you did! Thank you so much! I love you guys!

Very impressed with Sam and how everything was handled so timely. We appreciated so much the service and help from Sam.

Really great to work with. This is the second time using SERVPRO and have been very satisfied.

I am so impressed with your service! You all came out very quickly and went to work right away. You stayed with us, kept us up to date on what is happening, helped us clear items away from the area and put them back, too! Your personnel is wonderful to work with.

Very helpful and nice.

We like Sam. He does a great and professional job.

The service was very, very good and professional- just tardy twice which was explained.

Both were not only very professional, but very personable and courteous.

Great! SERVPRO great job. I'm very satisfied. They were very quick to fix my problem. Thanks!

Sam was very professional, a GREAT representative for SERVPRO!

I cannot begin to tell you what a fine job your crew did. They were friendly, knowledgeable, courteous, ON-TIME-EVERY time. They made our terrible situation tolerable. Thank you so much!

They got my carpet cleaner than I thought it was ever possible!

I've already recommended you to people with recent damage!

Michael and Dan worked really hard and did a very good job! They were very careful with the furniture and carpet. They were very courteous and polite! I was quite comfortable with them being in my home.

Thank you again! You all are awesome!

I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly you came to fix my problem.

I gave them all 10s on the review - They cared about helping us get back to normal!

Keep doing a fantastic job!

All 10s! Well done! Thoroughness and attention to detail characterized this team!

You guys were great! How can I let others know how good you have been? From showing up at midnight, throughout the entire process you were helpful, professional, prompt and careful... just great!

All tens. You were very helpful at a difficult time, very professional and would recommend you to others,

Your gentlemen were so nice and respectful, it was a pleasure to have our carpets cleaned!

Gave them all 10's. I would not change anything- they went out of their way to accomodate my time schedule and I greatly appreciate that! Thanks!

Gave them all highest scores- they did a great job!

Gave them all 10's! I'm very pleased with the work the guys did. I will use you again and have already recommended you to others!

I give them all 10s. We are very satisfied. They were neat, courteous, timely, and thorough.

You get all tens. Ben, Sam & Peter were awesome! They went above and beyond!

I Told The Hartford how wonderful Ben is. He was very patient and very careful to explain things so I understood what was happening and what needed to be done, He went above and beyond what he had to in order to get the work completed. I appreciate him so much. I know Ben is the owner, but I just wanted to tell someone how great he is!

Several years ago, I had a a water leak. It was a horrible experience. I will never use that company again. This time, Ben with SERVPRO made such a big difference. I am telling folks about him. If I ever need help again, I know who to call!

Recently, my condo was flooded and I contacted SERVPRO of Greater Broken Arrow to do the cleanup and restoration. They were very professional and proficient and completed the job in a timely manner.

I highly recommend SERVPRO...owner Ben Drost...as they were attentive and organized. They do an excellent job.

Sam, Ben & Kaleb were awesome! Very helpful and cared about our every need! You score all tens!

We graded you with all tens, with the exception of recommending you to others... on that you deserve a 10+ !

All tens! You did a wonderful job! Carpet looks awesome!

I have only positive things to say about you and everyone you sent out. I will tell others to enlist your services if they ever have a need. Thank you so much! I really appreciate you!

You guys ROCK!

I gave you guys all tens because your paper doesn't have any higher numbers...you all were great!

All tens. What I liked about these men was they took my phone calls. I have them in my phone. They answer my questions, gave advice, and showed understanding about how churches made decisions. They have done a great job in the clean up.

All 10"s! The service and personnel were excellent! I have no opinion on any improvements. End result was beyond my expectations. My carpet looked amazing!! the gentleman was so fast and thorough. I will definitely make future appointments. Thank you.

Completion of Satisfaction is all tens! I love your service- Thanks!

All tens. The men that worked with me were the best. I give my whole experience with SERVPRO of Broken Arrow an A++

I gave the crew all tens. They were professional, responsive, and friendly!

We have had negative experiences with other companies and greatly appreciate your friendly, professional service! Thank you! I rated you with all tens!

Cannot say enough about how amazing David and everyone from SERVPRO Broken Arrow are. They have been so very kind and understanding and you can be sure we are telling everyone we know how amazing our experience has been and in the future if we need any work done, SERVPRO will be the first call we make! Thank you for what you do and making this bad situation into a positive experience.

We called SERVPRO about a problem during renovation. David came when promised, was very polite and professional. I showed him my concerns. He inspected thoroughly. He said they'd be happy to do the work, but the damage wasn't as bad as it looked. He gave me advice and pointed out a few things to be careful with. We didn't end up hiring them, but they'll certainly be the first ones I call next time! They are very honest. I'm not worried about them trying to sell me something I don't need.

Everyone was wonderful!

Great job!

SERVPRO took one of the most shocking, unexpected,terrible surprises of our homeownership lifetime- turned it around, helping us from start to finish, making it incredibly less stressful than it otherwise would have been. I truly appreciate their service and will recommend them at every opportunity as they have gone above and beyond to help us. From coming out late the night of the disaster with a small army, to monitoring daily and making progress as it was needed. SERVPRO did an amazing job.

We are very happy with your work! You have saved us from extensive reconstruction costs due to your aggressive drying. Well done!

I wanted to take the time to thank you for doing such a wonderful job. Thanks for all your help and if we should need someone in the future I wouldn’t hesitate to call you.

I have approved and signed your invoice and they will process it today.

Thank you for all your help. I appreciate all that was done.

Thank you! Each one of you took very good care of us!

When we found the water everywhere, we really did not know what to do. We very much appreciate SERVPRO of Greater Broken Arrow's team. They were confident and informative. We liked the direction they took to help us become calm in a very stressful situation. They transformed a disaster to orderliness. Thank you!

I was in need of rescuing and God brought me an a Angel via SERVPRO. The kindness, compassion and professionalism was a welcomed relief. Thank you again!